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Hello my name is Mark and I work in the lead smelting industry.  Every day I have to wear a special mask and a uniform that is washed on site.  I have to shower thoroughly before changing into my clothes and going home and have blood tests every month to monitor my exposure.  This is an extreme example I know but I use testing kits at work and at home to see if I am bringing any lead dust back to my wife and kids.  However lead could be in your home too.  Imported toys are banned because they contain lead-based paint but some get through the restrictions and lead-based paint was only banned in this country in 1977 so if you carry out any home renovations the chances are you could be filling your home with a lead-based dust especially if you start sanding painted surfaces.  Even tiny amounts of it in our blood, measured in millionths of grams (micrograms) may damage our overall health.   Human exposure to it is estimated to account for 143 000 deaths every year and 0.6% of the global burden of disease. Children absorb lead more readily than adults and are therefore at increased health risk. More than one million American children could have blood quantities that require medical treatment, and greater than this amount could be mentally or emotionally impaired in some way by exposure.

Acute lead poisoning is less common today than before its toxicity was commonly known. Having said that though with higher environmental levels, negative health effects caused by tiny amounts of lead being detected through testing. Children are at risk from premature birth, smaller stature, and reduced mental development, and adult men may have higher blood pressure as a result of exposure. Airborne lead dust levels in American cities are tens of thousands of times higher than before lead mining began.

The beneficial news is that there are lead tests such as the one below that will help identify lead-based products in the home and workplace and there are things everyone of us can do to reduce our personal exposure such as using specialist cleaning products such as d-lead wipes and masks with appropriate filters when generating dust.

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